Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to work on the Center

We have come a long way in the past few months setting up committees, events and programming as well as adding games and features to the center.

In April we opened our cafe and have hosted several events including MCHS After Prom, a Spaghetti Dinner, an Annual Corporate event and had the Cafe open for many dances that we have held over the past few months.

During the summer we held events like theater camp, chess club and even a jazz concert and Back to School Bash. All have been very well received and provided much entertainment for young and old alike.

Our membership drive in September was a huge success. Members will have lower entrance fees and be invited to exclusive events. Consider becoming a member today.

The Center is developing programs that teach good financial practices and healthy lifestyles and a Student Film Festival is planned. We are starting to offer clubs like Junior Achievement and Robotix, and Mock Trial Team, and an Investment Club where students can try to outsmart the stock market and each other!

Our main events are our monthly "dances". You can see on the calendar all the dates set up to hold dances. All the amenities of the center are available during the dances, so if you're not up for dancing, there are lots of other activities.

Isn't it time you came by and checked it out??!!!

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