Monday, December 28, 2009

Arcade Alley Work

Merry Christmas to Everyone and Happy New Year too! 2010 will be the year of the New Community Center!

This week has been a busy time for working on the building. 3 offices were torn out to create what will become "Arcade Alley" which will feature 4 gaming stations each with its own projector screen for large format viewing. The space is nice and open now.

We already hosted a Birthday Party at the center ~ Future Teens!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Week of Meetings

This past week was the 3rd week of the month which means - Meeting week! Tuesday we met with the teens who are very excited to have their first activity in the center - a Trivia Night sometime in January (hopefully!)

The Adult meeting on Thursday also went very well. We outlined some of the Committees that are necessary and determined who would be the best fit to chair each. New faces show up at each meeting which is so wonderful. It is great to hear different ideas and opinions. We have a smart group of people working on this project.

We are working on all kinds of plans for the center including security, volunteer management, cafe design/menu/health code regs, code of conduct, rules & procedures, risk management, budget, findraising and more... Lots to do for sure!

Today was a work day, and the old bank office walls were torn out to create Arcade Alley. One nice glass wall was removed and now is enclosing the back of the theater ~ it looks very nice. The theater stadium levels are finished. And the wooden dance floor was installed today as well by Brian and John from Straight Arrow Flooring Installation ~ Thank you guys for working on your Saturday! Lots of help from David, Zach & Ben Moehn, Susie Trefny, Fred Hentrich, Thomas Sillivan, Matt Wuellner, Emily, and Sue & Jerry Mueller.

Fred has worked every day last week patching where we removed 2 walls to expand the internet cafe last weekend. He does so much for us!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Meetings, Planning and Construction Go On

In the main floor area the third teller partition has been removed and so has the wall where the security check in will be. The marble on the pillars will be replaced this weekend. We hope to have Carpet patched in this week.

The wood flooring for the dance floor has been delivered. It was donated by Direct Floors. A big thanks to all those companies for their support. And thanks again to our demolition help: Chris Norton, Thomas Hentrich, David Worley, Don Henkhaus, Fred Hentrich, Mike Hentrich, Susie Trefny & Al Manring.

H2K continues to work on the theater! Office walls were removed and new drywall is going up where the movie screen will be. And Jen Mechanical reworked the ductwork for that room as well. TK Carpet has agreed to do the carpet in the movie theater. We really appreciate everyone's help! It is all coming together!

The Teen Committee met this week on Tuesday. We had a much smaller group due to it being a very busy night for HS sports. They all came up with lots of ideas for projects and activities they could do themselves to raise funds for the center. They are also compiling playlists for Dj dance music and other ambient music playing throughout the center. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out!

The Adult Committee also met this week. Many issues were discussed about the center. Members are going to add to the Wish List any equipment we think is necessary as well as any potential donors. Several people will be working on the bylaws and Teen Center Membership Rules and Procedures so we can continue to move forward in this process.

We will be hosting an afterprom in April. So we have a hard deadline to meet to have the Center in shape!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tony Hawk Skateboard Game Winner!

Brayden was one of the winners of the Tony Hawk Giveaway at the Open House! Here he is playing it!

Our 2nd winner was Michael. Here he is watching another teen do a card trick!

Congratulations to both our winners!! Thanks to all for participating in the raffle. We were able to raise enough money to giveaway two instead of just one as originally planned!